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7" Tubes

Sample Preparation for SampleXpress and others

Transfer and mixing of Samples in Standard 7inch NMR tubes


The SamplePro Tube allows preparation of all types of Samples into the 7inch tubes used in the standard sample changers like SampleXpress, but also SampleCase and older BACS.


The SampelPro Tube can be equipped with a long septum piercing needle that allows processing of standard 5mm 7inch tubes. This does not only allow a convenient filling of but also mixing with additive (deuterated solvent, buffer, Reference) directly in the NMR tube. This avoids usage of intermediate containers and requires minimal sample amounts. Sample recovery or simply emptying is possible as well.
Already the standard size SamplePro Tube holds up to 60 NMR tubes and covers the capacity of a SampleXpress. A special solution for up to 192 NMR tubes is available.


Handling and processing is simple. For usage in the SamplePro tube, the NMR tubes are already inserted into spinners and by this automatically adjusted to correct insertion depth. Septum caps are available for the NMR tubes so that processing of hygroscopic and volatile samples is also possible. As the ID of the tubes is registered by the barcode reader, they can be transferred into the SampleXpress regardless of the position and the NMR experiments can be assigned to the NMR either by SampleTrack or an EXCEL sheet.