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SampleJet Tubes

Sample Preparation for SampleJet

Transfer and mixing of Samples in SampleJet tubes of all available diameters


The SamplePro Tube can be used for many applications in combination with the SampleJet, for example transfer of organic solutions into 1-3mm SampleJet tubes for screening, or preparation of bodyfluids or biological samples with sample cooling in the SampelPro Tube and SampleJet.


The SampelPro Tube is fully compatible with SampleJet tubes of all diameters. Different tube diameters can be processed in parallel. A thin needle is available for filling of 1mm and 1.7mm SampleJet tubes with are difficult for manual usage. Its septum piercing capability also allows to recover samples from well plates closed with films.


The system does not only allow a convenient filling of NMR tubes, for 1.7 to 5mm tubes mixing of sample and additive (deuterated solvent, buffer, Reference) can be done directly in the NMR tube. This avoids usage of intermediate containers and requires minimal sample amounts. Recovery from the SampleJet tubes is possible as well. Selection of source and destination containers is completely free. Control of the preparation process via EXCEL sheets which can be subsequently used for setup of NMR experiments allows convenient batch processing of Samples.

Special features

For applications with clinical and biological samples temperature control accessory is available that also allows to keep the prepared samples in the NMR tubes under constant reduced temperature. Together with a SampleJet with cooling options this provides best conditions for the samples during the complete process.