Spectra Bases and Data Bases

AMIX contains all necessary tools to build up your own spectra bases or use Bruker‘s commercial spectra base. Spectra are cleaned-up and assigned before being stored in a special compressed format. Automation and history tracking allows fast batch processing. User defined keys, molecular information, links to external data bases can be attached to spectra. Storage is possible on disk or in SQL data bases such as ORACLE. Efficient selection of data is available in all major AMIX tool-kits. 

  • Preparation tool-kit to clean up spectra
  • Automated and batch clean-up tools available
  • Clean-up tracking via history mechanism
  • Attachment of user defined keys for efficient selection from spectra bases
  • Multiple alternative compound names
  • Spectra bases may contain 1D, 2D NMR data and molecular structures
  • AMIX can handle multiple spectra bases
  • Spectra base access is available inside any application, e.g. linked to loadings analysis in metabolomics