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Database and Usage

The current full database of the BBIOREFCODE includes 800 components. It consists of a basic package of 350, a major upgrade package of 150 and currently 5-6 minor upgrade packages of 50 compounds each. The packages can be purchased individually. Later upgrade with further packages is possible at any time.
For the usage of the database AMIX is required, but not included in the package. Existing AMIX installations can be used.

Available packages

  • BBIOREFCODE2 data from all available pH values for various applications. Full database contains 800 compounds.
  • BBIOREFCODE2 pH3 spectra at pH3 only for food applications. Full database now with 700 compounds.
  • BBIOREFCODE2 pH7 spectra at pH7 only for bodyfluid applications. Full database now with 700 compounds.


Upgrade package 6 for compound 751 - 800 available for existing BBIOREFCODE2 as SHD011(A)-06.

Contained Data

Typically data is supplied for eleven different pH values from pH 3 – 8 in steps of pH 0.5. 2D Data at pH 3, 5 and 7, including COSY, TOCSY, JRES, HSQC and HMBC. Solubility and or stability of certain compounds may limit the acquisition of data to a certain pH range or prevent the supply of 2D and 13C data.


To get the licenses for the usage of the BBIOREFCODE database go to

1D spectra at different pH values
1D spectra at different pH values demonstrating the strong variances in signal position.