SmartDriveNMR: Advanced Acquisition for Open Access NMR

SmartDriveNMR is the software application custom-built for advanced acquisition in open access NMR environments addressing small organic molecules.

Collecting the right type of data with the optimal parameters tailored for the problem at hand is crucial for any analytical investigation.

This intuitive and easy-to-use software allows users to input basic experimental parameters and then turn the controls over to the software to determine and carry out the ideal combination of NMR experiments in a predetermined amount of time.

Sample by sample SmartDriveNMR will decide on the fly which experiments are needed and how there parameters should be set optimally. This ensures optimal spectrometer usage combined with high data quality. Automatic structure verification directly on the instrument is possible but not mandatory.

Key features:

  • SmartDriveNMR is fully integrated in IconNMR
  • 2Ds are carried out using Non Uniform Sampling (NUS)
  • Automatic concentration determination and structure verification possible
  • Result inspection and refining via CMC-assist
  • No NMR expertise required


SmartDriveNMR is integral part of TopSpin installation, which may be downloaded here.