Automated Sample Tracking System

SampleTrack™ is a BRUKER laboratory automation and management system with a standardized interface for BRUKER spectrometers. As a software tool for the laboratory network, SampleTrack manages all automation process steps in an analytical environment. The order setup entry can be simultaneously derived from variable sources including spreadsheets, Web client, SampleTrack client, or through an external LIMS system. Consequently, all available instruments and preparation robots are fed with the generated orders.

Open Access

SampleTrack EasyWeb Dialogue

SampleTrack software is extremely flexible in all kinds of laboratory environments. In an open access system SampleTrack provides effective timesaving and resource sharing. Any client can set up and submit orders with the SampleTrack EasyWeb Dialog from any place within a network, Intranet or Internet. This delivers:

  • Workflow optimization.
  • A reduction in spectrometer idle times.
  • Higher market flexibility.


SampleTrack provides an array of features for the modern laboratory:

  • Storage in ORACLE® database system.
  • True Client/Server architecture.  
  • EasyWeb interface.  
  • EasyWeb Dialog – order submission within a network, Intranet or Internet.  
  • Visualization and post-processing within SampleTrack.  
  • User/Client management.  
  • Search and filter capability.  
  • E-mail notification of measurement results.  
  • Screening (pooling).  
  • Titration.  
  • BEST-NMR support.
  • Archiving.