Easy Installation, Safe Operation and Low Running Costs

The new compact-shielded, permanent magnet design provided by Aspect Imaging with its very small footprint has resulted in an easy-to-install MRI system with very low running costs. Even with a high field strength of 1 Tesla, Icon has negligible magnetic fringe field, enabling safe siting of the system in any facility and use by any individual. No additional magnetic or RF shielding is required for implementation in the lab.

  • Innovative cryogen-free permanent 1 Tesla magnet
  • Exceptionally small footprint desktop MRI system
  • Negligible magnetic fringe field
  • Gradient strength of 450 mT/m
  • Advanced digital RF AVANCE III architecture
  • Silent operation
  • Negligible running costs
  • RF Coils for rats and mice
  • Integrated animal handling
  • MRI software package ParaVision