Join the AVANCE Track & Keep your MRI on Track

Your research depends on the scientific advances that you make with your MRI instrument. You need an instrument that you can rely on to perform from day to day and well into the future. Take your instrument and your career to the next level by accessing cutting edge technologies. Ensure that your instrument is prepared for tomorrow's explorations. Most importantly, protect this highly valuable investment, which keeps you in the pole position when attractive interests arise.

Maintain the viability and sustain the lifetime of your instrument with an upgrade of your Bruker or other manufacture instrument.

The Right Upgrade Option for You

Joining the AVANCE Track is fast and simple. Existing Bruker customers will appreciate the streamlined procedure that expedites the upgrade process, while owners of MRI instruments from other vendors, such as Agilent, will value the individual attention to their particular needs.

For Owners of Other Vendor Instruments

For owners of other vendor instruments, the upgrade process starts with an onsite survey by a skilled engineer, who will analyze the current configuration of your instrument. Based on this information, upgrade alternatives that suit your instrument are provided and you have the flexibility to define the elements of your AVANCE track that meet your scientific and budget requirements, since potential options are clear and transparent. Once you have specified your configuration, service engineers will implement the conversion, letting you unleash the power of your rejuvenated instrument.

For Existing Bruker Customers

Existing Bruker customers have the possibility to maintain state-of-the-art technology by upgrading to AVANCE NEO electronics with ParaVision 360 software. According to the current instrument configuration, individual upgrade options containing components such as shim, gradient, and AVANCE NEO console upgrades are delineated. This makes the step to AVANCE NEO and ParaVision 360 and the corresponding transformation to the software and hardware platform of the future a fast and easy procedure.


  • Maximize the performance of your instrument with the latest innovations of AVANCE NEO electronics and ParaVision 360 software combined with optimal RF coil technology
  • Profit from most efficient workflows beginning with the hardware set-up and continuing through scanning to quantification and data management
  • Ensure that your instrument is prepared for the future by securing access to progressive developments, Bruker's scientific support, and an all-important magnet or complete maintenance program to protect your most valuable investment

1PET/MR instruments only
2BioSpec 3T and PET/MR Inline instruments only