PET Inline

More Than The Sum of Its Parts

PET Features

  • Patented continuous LYSO crystals with full column and row readout deliver precise 3D localization of events, eliminating the need for software Depth-Of-Interaction (DOI) correction estimation. This precise event localization overcomes the degradation of spatial resolution when moving out of the centre of the PET Field-of-View.
  • Consistent and reproducible tracer quantification within the entire FOV, regardless of object size, position and activity is enabled by the homogeneous spatial resolution in combination with high performance SiPM based readout electronic.
  • Exceptional count rate performance combined with 12% sensitivity for dynamic and gated studies for high temporal resolution and superior image quality.

Combined PET/MR Possibilities

  • PET Module compatible with existing BioSpec and Agilent MRI systems.
  • Fully integrated software interface for controlling both modalities by integrated workflows and scan programs.
  • Fully automatic high-precsion PET/MR image coregistration.
  • Ultra-fast 4 x GPU Reconstruction. Advanced mode allows full control on frame definitions, voxel size and PET corrections.
  • Including PMOD®, the standard software platform for advanced image analysis and kinetic modelling.