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The PET Insert SiM design allows users to follow already familiar Bruker BioSpec MR imaging system workflows to start obtaining valuable PET/MR data almost immediately. The first system was installed in August 2016 in a 7 Tesla system at The University of Leuven, Belgium under the guidance of Christophe Deroose, Ph.D., Professor of Nuclear Medicine. Their initial imaging highlights the value of simultaneous PET/MR in studies involving structure/function in both tumor gross anatomy and tumor micro-environment. The potential of multi-parametric analysis, as well as simultaneous brain and cardiac imaging are also demonstrated.

PETInsert fig 3

PET/MR Ischemic MCAO Mouse

PETInsert fig 4

Mouse subcutaneous xenograft (SKOV3) tumor model, imaged four weeks after engraftment. T1W-Flash and 18FDG/PET overlays. 3D-Turbo-RARE, resolution: (234 μm)³ isotropic; PET: 14.8 MBq 18FDG, scan performed 20 min post injection.**

PETInsert fig 5

Early stage mouse glioma (CT-2A). Tumor volume extracted from MRI: ~ 0.59 mm3. Precise definition of the ROI based on high-field MRI allows PET tumor studies at the earliest stage. MRI: T2-Turbo-RARE, resolution: (86 x 86) μm²; PET: 16.6 MBq 18FDG, scan 20 min post injection.**

PETInsert fig 6

End stage orthotopic glioma (CT-2A). Triple-overlay of 18FDG/PET (Rainbow), Diffusion weighted (Fire) and RARE (Gray) MRI with precise inherent co-registration. DWI shows heterogeneity in the tumor corresponding to regions with low diffusion suggesting loci of high cellular division. MRI: T1-RARE, resolution: (195 x 195) μm², scan time: 1 min 17 s, DTI_SE, scan time: 10 min 40 s, 5 b-values: 5-1000 s/mm² PET: 10.4 MBq 18FDG, scan 2 hrs after injection. The total time required for these images is only 12 minutes**

PETInsert fig 7

Ischemic MCAO mouse model (intraluminal transient MCAO, 24hrs post occlusion/reperfusion). High resolution MRI enables the location of the lesion including the vasogenic edema corresponding to the low 18FDG uptake (lesion core). Acquisition details: MRI: Turbo-RARE, resolution: (86 x 86) μm² PET: 13:6 MBq 18FDG, scan performed 20 min post injection.**

PETInsert fig 8

Dynamic cardiac imaging allows full cardiac functional assessment. Unique wireless self-gated IntraGate cardiac Cine image and PET overlay. MRI: IntraGateFLASH, Cine frames: 10; PET: 27 MBq 18FDG, scan performed 20 min post injection.**