Albira Specifications

Full Field Accuracy (FFA)

FFA offers real, homogeneous sub-millimetric volumetric PET resolution in all three axes in the whole field of view, with superior precision in quantification based on: Exclusive continuous crystal detectors with Si PM technology and true depth of interaction 3D precision equivalent to 10+ layer pixelated crystal detectors.

System Specifications

  • Imaging Modalities: PET, SPECT, CT
  • Core Technologies: Patented continous crystal technology with Row And Column readout + proprietary electronics + HR 3D DOI
  • Unit Size: Single compact footprint
  • Shielding: Fully Shielded
  • Weight: 800 kg
  • Bore Size: 105

Animal Care Monitoring And Control

  • Anesthesia: Fully integrated. Compatible with most common commercial gas systems
  • Animal Handling System: Reliable, easy to use rat and mouse beds; Fully compatible with BRUKER MR
  • Physiological Signals: ECG, Respiration, Temperature, And Blood Pressure
  • Temperature Control System: Electrically heated mats for rat And mouse
  • Video Monitoring: Realtime camera
  • Gating Acquisition: Cardiac and Respiratory For PET and SPECT; Dual Gating for PET

Software And Workstation

  • Fully Integrated Albira Suite: ACQUIRER: Image Acquisition, RECONSTRUCTOR: Image Reconstruction, MANAGER: Study and Protocol Management, SUPERVISOR: Quality Control
  • Image Analysis Software: PMOD (PBAS, PFUS, PKIN MODULES INCLUDED)
  • 3D Rendering Software: VOLVIEW (+ PMOD)
  • Workstation: Dedicated Server; All Functionalities on a single system
  • Reconstruction: GPU Based, Scalable To 4 GPUs (PET); CPU Based SPECT and CT
  • Data Storage: 3 * 4TB RAID 5 Configuration; Upgradable on same Workstation