PET Features

  • Sharp Total Body PET images with new PET Silicon PM detectors deliver consistent and reproducible quantification within the entire FOV, regardless of object size and position
  • Patented continuous LYSO crystals, unrestrained by discrete layers, and Silicon position sensitive photomultipliers with advanced depth-of-interaction (DOI)detection enable precise 3D localization of events. This eliminates the resolution degradation when moving out of the center of the PET Field-of-View (FOV)
  • No shielding required: PET technology is fully compatible with high magnetic field strength; spatial resolution and energy resolution are unchanged within the magnetic field
  • Exceptional count rate performance combined with 12% sensitivity for dynamic and gated studies for high temporal resolution and superior image quality

MRI Features

  • Superior MRI magnet technology ensures the magnet remains on field during power outage or cold water failure for up to 4 hours
  • Best in class homogeneity of ±0.1 ppm for a 50 mm DSV due to solid magnet design · MRI sequence portfolio of more than 1000 sequence variations, including wireless cardiac imaging using navigator based IntraGate methods with a choice of cartesianor radial readout, as well as short echo time imaging, such as UTE and ZTE
  • Widest range of RF-coils (~30) for mice and rats available, including coils for head, brain, cardiac, body, and multi-purpose applications
  • Over 100 validated and ready to use in vivo protocols and scan programs for mice and rats