In-Vivo FX PRO

In-Vivo FX PRO

Fully automated preclinical small animal imaging system for fluorescent, luminescent, radioisotopic and radiographic detection.

The In-Vivo FX PRO combines high-sensitivity optical molecular imaging, radioisotopic imaging, and high resolution digital X-ray to deliver precise anatomical localization of molecular and cellular biomarkers in vivo.

This fully automated system now has a new, fast f/0.95 fixed lens option that is ideal for luminescent applications, and a high speed X-ray head with typical X-ray captures in 3 seconds or less.

Full precision automation simplifies complex multimodal imaging protocols for small animal imaging. The In-Vivo FX PRO also protects your investment with a seamless upgrade path to multispectral imaging capabilities.


  • NEW! Fast f/0.95 fixed lens option is ideal for laboratories whose research focuses on luminescence applications in vivo or ex vivo. 
  • NEW! High speed X-ray head provides X-ray images for co-registration in just 3 seconds.
  • 4 megapixel digital CCD camera, cooled to -29C abs.
  • Automated excitation and emission filter systems with 29 excitation filter positions, 14 excitation filters and 4 emission filter positions with 6 patented wide angle emission filters, deliver outstanding fluorescent imaging sensitivity and flexibility.
  • Automated 5-position x-ray filter system allows multiple energy measurements for enhanced bone density and enhanced imaging of soft tissue structures.
  • Radiographic and radioisotopic imaging screens
  • Automated animal heater unit
  • Optional Multimodal Animal Rotation System (MARS) for 360 degree coverage of your subject.