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InSight 3D-DR

Bruker’s InSight 3D-DR system is the world’s most advanced automated 3D-DR tool for defect review. By leveraging Bruker’s extensive experience in inline-fab metrology, and combining it with exclusive PeakForce Tapping®, the 3D-DR is capable of imaging nodes 7nm and below and high-speed scanning of greater than 100 images per hour. PeakForce Tapping's instantaneous force control provides enhanced imaging combined with a long probe life and a low cost of ownership, while reducing downtime for probe replacement and recalibration. FinFET process control is one of the 3D-DR’s critical applications, enabling in-die FinFET metrology and 3D defect detection, all at faster speeds than TEM and non-destructive methods.


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Defect Review with PeakForce Tapping

PeakForce Tapping enables non-destructive defect review with minimal to no sample preparation. This combination leads to rapid time to actionable data.

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Full 3D Capability for FinFET Metrology

The PeakForce Tapping-enabled 3D-DR System provides full 3D capabilities in device active areas for defect characterization and FinFET metrology.