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Advanced Micro Patterning has developed multiple distinct product lines that are available to help you develop new technological products and solutions. These maskless exposure systems are available for microlithographic processing of new and unique devices. Each system offers its own advantages and options that allow you to customize a solution to meet your needs

What is Photolithography?

All SF-100 systems provide users with the ability to manipulate materials using light. The mercury arc lamp provides optical energy at g-line (435nm), h-line (405nm), and i-line (365nm) wavelengths, which are projected onto substrate materials in user designed patterns using the SF-100 XPRESS's patented technology. The most common application of SF-100 systems is to transfer micro patterns onto a substrate. This pattern transfer technique is called Photolithography.

How Do SF-100 Systems Work?

SF-100 systems are elegantly simple, easy to use micro patterning systems. Through their unique patented design, the system allows users to fabricate microdevices quickly and easily.

Smart Filter Technology provides the means for easy and efficient optical processing utilizing the SF-100. This technique utilizes reflective microoptoelectromechanical (MOEM) elements to spatially modulate light such that light can be controlled simultaneously over a field of view which provides over 750,000 individual pixels. Each SF-100 system includes a Smart Filter subassembly that incorporates all of the hardware and control software needed to produce these images in real time.

Options for Your SF-100 System

In our business, each system we ship includes different customer specific requirements and capabilities. We offer this customization through a number of upgrades that are available for your SF-100 system. Some of the more common upgrades are listed below. Note that each upgrade may not be available on each SF-100 model, so check with your local sales representative to determine which options can help you solve your most difficult processing problems.

SF-100 System Software

At the heart of our system is our proprietary SF-100 control software.  This package has been developed by combining many years of processing know-how with advanced control algorithms to provide the user with a package that is robust and easy to use.

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Served Markets

All products produced by Advanced Micro Patterning can be used for device fabrication in a number of different areas. Some of the markets that we serve are:

  • Biotechnology
  • MEMS
  • Microchemistry
  • Microfluidics
  • RF & Microwave Devices
  • Nanotechnology



Our History

Smart Filter Technology was developed and proven in the late 1990’s when David Fries of the University of South Florida built the first photolithography exposure system that utilized this technology. Since there were no commercially available processing systems that provided a means of patterning non-silicon, non-flat materials, Mr. Fries needed to make his own equipment. His efforts were realized when the prototype of the SF-100 was assembled in his lab.

As other researchers saw the benefit of using Smart Filter Technology In their work, David Fries joined forces with Dr. Jay Sasserath to launch Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC in 2001. Dr. Jay Sasserath became the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company, providing business management, sales, and marketing expertise to the organization. Dr. Sasserath was formerly a vice-president at Unaxis USA, with P&L responsibility for $90 M/year business units located in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Prior to Unaxis USA, Dr. Sasserath had over 10 years of corporate senior management experience at Sony Corporation and Hypres Inc. He holds a Ph.D. and MS in materials science from SUNY Stony Brook and a BS in chemical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Our creative engineering and scientific staff continuously develops new technology. This group works as a team to deliver true solutions to our customers’ most difficult technical problems. Our global sales and service organization helps promote the advantages and value of Smart Filter Technology. With offices throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, Intelligent Micro Patterning is well positioned to serve our customer’s needs around the world.

In 2016, IMP’s technology was purchased by Rave LLC. RAVE LLC is a technology driven company with a long history of revolutionary contributions to the Semiconductor, Photomask and Nanotechnology industries. RAVE is a global supplier of advanced equipment for leading edge Semiconductor and Nanotechnology applications. RAVE’s exceptionally talented team is well recognized for the development and on-time delivery of innovative, cost saving process solutions to customers around the world. Our corporate headquarters is home to our technical and support staff, as well as our fully functional applications lab and manufacturing floor.