SF-100 Lightning+

The SF-100 Lightning+ provides everything you need to pattern sub-micron features in advanced research or photomask fabrication. This system comes with everything you need to do high precision, quick turnaround maskless photoresist patterning.

With our advanced system design, important process variables such as exposure wavelength, pixel size, and exposure energy level are easily chosen by the user so the system can work within your existing process and be compatible with your existing materials.

SF-100 Lightning+ Includes Many Standard Features and Benefits

  • High powered multiwavelength LED light source provides standard wavelength energies for compatibility with most commercial photoresists, polyamides, and SU8.
  • Our patented, field proven Smart Filter Technology is the heart of the system, using a TI DLP® chip to generate patterns.
  • Autofocus, character recognition, and level to level alignment provided and tailored to your needs.
  • Fully integrated XYZ theta stage for stitching images together to make large die or multiple copies of same die on single substrate. Theta provides 360 degree travel.
  • Fully integrated vibration isolation table for repeatable results down to 0.6 microns.
  • Changing pixel size is a snap with 3 standard high resolution reduction lenses.
  • Ability to customize software.
  • Rapid prototyping without costly photomasks.
  • We ensure your success with Advanced Micro Patterning’s legendary customer service, engineering, and support.
  • Complete 2 year warranty and many opportunities for customer training during system build and installation.


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