SF-100 Xpress

Since January 2009, the SF-100 XPRESS has been the industry’s leading maskless lithography solution for patterning sub-micron features, with previously unheard of flexibility and performance. The system Is ideally suited for photomask fabrication or other standard lithography processes, such as SU8 or resist patterning.

This system is built on the same platform as the SF-100 XTREME, but offers the user the ability to customize their SF-100 XPRESS for their specific needs, purchasing only those features that are critical to their process. The result is the same exceptional performance at a lower cost. And, since both systems utilize the same platform, the SF-100 XPRESS can be fully upgraded in the field to an SF-100 XTREME.

The SF-100 XPRESS Offers Many Standard Features

  • Mercury arc lamp provides standard g-, h-, and i-line energies for compatibility with most commercial photoresists, polyimides, and SU8. Ensures low operational cost, typically less than $2000 per year.
  • 6 position filter wheel for choosing wavelength spectra specific to your process.
  • Field-proven optical design integrated with patented Smart Filter Technology.
  • Integrated CCD camera for in-line substrate viewing, supporting standard optical functions, such as autofocussing.
  • Fully automated XYZ stage provides 1-button operation and auto stitching for large substrates.
  • Labwindows™ based software integrates all systems functions, while providing an open platform for software customization and integration with other systems.
  • Labwindows™ based Vision Developers Module provides the basis for all camera functions on the system, ensuring reliability and ease of customization.
  • Full field upgradability to the SF-100 XTREME maskless lithography system.
  • Rapid prototyping of new designs and ideas without the need for costly photomasks.
  • AMP’s legendary customer service, engineering, and support services ensure your success.
  • Complete 1 year warranty, including customer training at system witness and at the customer site.


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