Semiconductor Metrology JVX7300F-W

In-line X-ray metrology platform for FEOL, MEOL & BEOL

JVX6200iRF  features a multi channel metrology platform with small spot XRF and Fast XRR channels ,for measurement of thin metal layer stacks on product or blanket wafers.The tool is designed for advanced process control of metals and transparent films  at the back-end of line (BEOL), MEOL and front end of line (FEOL)  of advanced semiconductors processes (Logic, DRAM, Flash and HDD process lines).

JVX6200iRF products

XRR (X-Ray Reflectometry)

Thickness, Density & Roughness of ultra-thin metal and dielectric films with thickness as low as 8Å for the FEOL, MEOL and BEOL

XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence)

Thickness, elemental analysis and composition of thin and thick metal layers for the FEOL, BEOL and WLP: