Semiconductor Metrology JVX7300F-W


Process control of Bump and Under-Bump Metal in Advanced Wafer Packaging

JVX7300F-W is the latest system from Bruker for process control of bumps and under-bump metal in advanced wafer level packaing. The JVX7300F-W is a fully automated 300mm system and features µXRF technology to enable the Ag composition of SnAg bumps, composition of under bump metals and even profiling of composition within a single bump

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JVX7300 F W tool image v1
JVX7300F W Poor bump image v1

JV7300 Bump Solder v1a


Bump Composition and Profile

Due to the extremely small X-ray spot size, unlike competitor systems, the measurement of individual bumps is possible , even down to 10µm in diameter, In this example, the small beam is used to profile the Ag composition across a single bump




JV7300 F W Wafer maps v3




UBM Composition

The composition of the UBM can be quickly and reliably obtained, with fast mapping over the full 300mm wafer. Maps of composition of Au, Pd and Ni can be automatically generated.