JVX7300RF-T  features a multi channel metrology platform with small spot XRF and Fast XRR channels ,for measurement of thin metal layer stacks on product or blanket wafers. The tool is designed for advanced process control of metals and transparent films  at the back-end of line (BEOL), MEOL and front end of line (FEOL)  of advanced semiconductors processes (Logic, DRAM, Flash and HDD process lines).

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JVX7300 RF T tool image v2
JVX7300 RF T chart 1


The FastXRR channel, with a beam width of <50µm, is able to measure within the scribe line. FastXRR is non-destructive, non-contacting method, and is ideal for the first principles measurement of thickness, as well as density and interlay / surface roughness measurements of films and stacks. It can be used for the analysis of seed / barrier films, with the thickness of both layers determined independently from a single measurement



The small spot XRF channel, with a spot size of <25µm, is able to measure on the most demanding of metrology pads, and even mapping Cu dishing across a single pad.

JVX7300 RF T Erosion and dishing v1