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Contour Elite I 3D Optical Microscope

Most flexible automated benchtop 3D optical microscope

The Contour Elite I 3D Optical Microscope combines more than three decades of surface metrology innovation and experience from industry partnerships into a single benchtop system with production-ready automation, measurement flexibility, and high-fidelity imaging. The system is fully automated and programmable to measure surface features over a range of angles while minimizing tracking errors. Award-winning Vision64 software and a streamlined staging design provide intuitive analysis capabilities and ease of use.

Contour Elite I incorporates all the features and capabilities needed to ideally address production measurement-on-demand applications.

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Innovative Measurement Technology

The proprietary tip/tilt in the head provides unmatched user flexibility for production setup and inspection. By coupling the tip/tilt feature with an optical path in the microscope head, Bruker has coupled the point of inspection to the line of sight, independent of tilt—a tremendous throughput and ease-of-use advantage for production metrology, where both surface tracking and simplicity is critical for rapid inspection of varying surfaces.

Benchtop Design with Integrated Air Isolation

Contour Elite I includes proprietary vibration-resistant measurement technology and a unique air-isolation base design to deliver accurate measurements in the most demanding production conditions. Contour Elite I is ideally suited to “measure-on-demand” industrial requirements — all within a compact benchtop design.

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Superior Metrology with High-Fidelity Imaging

Contour Elite I provides the best available lateral resolution in an industrial 3D optical microscope, giving it an enhanced capability to quantify edge variations even on the smallest structures. The system’s new high-fidelity imaging reveals specific surface details that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to see and enables users to segment data based on color or grayscale information to rapidly select areas of interest and collect critical metrology data from these specific regions.

Exceptional Analysis Capability and Ease of Use

Contour Elite I’s intuitive user interface maximizes user efficiency and simplifies measurements and analyses. Vision64 contains a vast suite of analysis routines, and makes it easy to customize plots, create reports, or add text and graphics. Data paramter tables are completely configurable and sortable in seconds. New Vision64 Map extends these capabilities even further by opening up streamlined access to automated reporting in 11 languages.

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