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Production-Ready, Fully Automated Metrology

Contour Elite™ X provides robust, proven and gauge-capable metrology (sub-nanometer to >10 millimeters), and unmatched Z-axis resolution and accuracy. It incorporates a patented tip/tilt in the head, a self-calibrating laser reference, patent-pending dual-LED illumination, integrated pattern recognition, and a host of other proprietary interferometry innovations to enable the utmost in metrology capability and convenience. 

Production-ready features include vibration-resistant measurement technology, a 12-inch stage, stage encoding, a fully automated turret with programmable X, Y, Z movement, and the capability for precise stitching to seamlessly synthesize thousands of datasets into one image. No other optical metrology system provides the accuracy, throughput, and operator convenience for such a vast range of manufacturing applications.

Key Features:

  • Quantitative, repeatable, gauge-capable surface data acquisition
  • Rapid, non-destructive imaging with real-time, automated measurement optimization
  • High-fidelity color and grayscale imaging
  • Industry’s best combined lateral and vertical resolution
  • Integral vibration-isolation floor-mount design
  • Patented dual-LED light source plus stage lighting
  • Automated 12-inch XY sample stage with flexible fixturing
  • User-friendly, customizable production interface
  • Extensive library of filters and customizable analysis options
Contour Elite X stage