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Exclusive Capabilities for Widest Range of Applications

Large Area Stitching

Large Area Stitching

High-speed automation and advanced analysis make Contour LS-K ideal for examining large areas in difficult applications.




Probe sample


Incoming parts inspection, first article analysis, and quality troubleshooting are simplified and greatly accelerated using rapid profiling and dimensional analysis tools. Dimensions, angles, and radii are all quickly and automatically displayed.

Watch Gear

Assembly Visualization and Inspection

Real-color imaging at magnifications up to 50X allows engineers to see how precision assemblies fit together, examine clearances, and spot potential problems.

QAQC sample

Mechanical Testing

Characterizing wear scars from tribology testing, or analyzing failures from mechanical tests are perfect applications for Contour LS-K and Vision64 software.


Mini bolt 250


Machine Part Inspection

Examining critical dimensions and surface finish on mechanical parts helps refine processes, evaluate new materials, or conduct failure analyses, even on highly contoured surfaces.


Mech Pencil 1


Surface Finish Measurement

Whether performing process optimization in machining processes, evaluating new materials for cosmetic applications, or even examining fiberous surfaces, automated characterization and imaging are available with a single mouse click.

High-Speed Metrology Across Every Industry

Plastic gear


Gears, cams, injectors and other precision parts are not a challenge for LightSpeed focus variation technology with its ability to measure slopes up to 89°. The wide field of view ensures data from a large area can be collected in one pass and toggling between height maps, all-in-focus images, and datasets takes only one click.

Machining Saw

Precision Machining

The manufacture of precision screws, medical devices, optical assemblies, and many other devices is enabled by the high-speed and exacting metrology of the Contour LS-K. The system’s fast scanning, wide range of analysis options, and automation capabilities provides reliable answers to solve difficult manufacturing issues.

Electronic Devices Pins


Driven by automated routines, Contour LS-K makes first article inspection, in-process monitoring, or incoming part inspection of electronics devices simple and error-free. Heights and dimensions are displayed and stored for statistical analysis and reporting. Defects can be automatically identified and quantified, catching problems before they lead to production losses.

Hip Medical

Medical Devices

Tight tolerances, intricate assemblies, and mandatory data tracking requirements in medical device manufacturing are all facilitated by Contour LS-K. Rapid surface finish or critical dimension measurements on prosthetics, dental implants, optics, and stents are all possible with traceable metrology.