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Advanced Bench Top Design

The combination of tip/tilt in the head with automated staging and objectives makes the Contour GT-I ideally suited to “measure-on-demand” industrial requirements. In addition, the ContourGT-I utilizes proprietary vibration-resistant measurement techniques and a unique base design with integrated air isolation to deliver accurate measurements under very demanding shop floor production conditions.

Fastest, Easiest Nanometer-Scale Measurements

  • First fully automated bench top solution (focus, intensity, staging, tip/tilt head, FOV)
  • Nanometer-scale resolution on high-contour surfaces

Maximum Vibration Stability and Robustness

  • Integrated air isolation
  • High stability, space-efficient footprint

Most Powerful Measurement Analysis

  • Streamlined interface and intuitive workflow
  • Real-time automated measurement optimization
  • Extensive library of filters and analysis options
  • Customized analysis reporting
Traditional pitch-and-roll stage designs require operator adjustment of five axes of motion to maintain point of inspection on line of sight for measurement. The unique Bruker tip/tilt in the head design maintains the line of sight on the point of inspect
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