The NPFLEX is the culmination of decades of Wyko® technology innovations and expertise in interferometry design. The system features a breakthrough open-gantry design that affords over 300 degrees of access to surfaces previously too difficult to analyze due to size or part orientation. NPFLEX is the first optical metrology system to handle micro to macro features effortlessly on samples of widely varying sizes.

Measurement Flexibility to Characterize Unique Shapes and Angles

  • Innovative design accommodates samples of widely varied size and shape, up to 13-inches tall
  • Open gantry, custom fixturing, and optional swivel head reveal previously inaccessible areas of interest

Definitive Results from High-Density, 3D Areal Information

  • Each measurement contains complete surface information for multiple analyses
  • More data leads to better decisions

Revealed Detail at Nanometer Resolution

  • Interferometry provides sub-nanometer vertical resolution at every pixel
  • Industry-proven technology ensures statistical certainty to achieve tighter tolerances

Throughput and Efficiency Gains through Rapid Data Acquisition

  • Minimal sample preparation and measurement setup reduces time to result
  • Large field of view characterizes more information about surfaces than contact measurement techniques
Image of NPFLEX inspecting the gear tooth of a hypoid pinion gear. White light interferometry based on Wyko technology provides flexibility to image huge components.