Nanochemical Atomic Force Microscopes

Bruker “30 for 30” Trade-In Celebration

To commemorate the 30-year history of AFM research, Bruker is pleased to announce up to $30K in trade-in credit toward an industry-leading Bruker AFM. Trade in any Bruker or non-Bruker AFM and take advantage of all that our latest performance-leading AFMs offer.

Trade up to a new Bruker AFM for:

  • Highest-resolution imaging, every time
  • Unique, quantitative results, whatever you measure
  • Easy-to-use AFMs that make every user an AFM expert

Take advantage of this limited time offer today,
trade-up offer ends November 30, 2016!

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Bruker AFMs Expand the Boundaries of Advanced Research

From atomic point defects to the double helix structure of DNA, Bruker AFMs routinely resolve the finest details while simultaneously gathering previously unavailable quantitative data. Bruker AFMs will provide you new possibilities in an ever expanding set of topographical, mechanical, biological, electrical, and chemical applications at the nanoscale.

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