Capture the Most Complete Quantitative Nanoscale Data

Recalibrate your expectations.

FastScan Complete Quantitative Carbon nanotube v1

Electrical investigation where it was previously impossible.

Measure the conductivity of vertical carbon nanotubes. Or nanorods. Or any other fragile sample.

Only possible with PeakForce TUNA.

Carbon nanotube pillar array. Image size 1 micron. PeakForce TUNA current image reveals strong conductivity variation, possibly due to differences in nanotube types, capping, or substrate connectivity.

FastScan Atomic Force Microscope
FastScan Complete Quantitative Realtime Chemical Information v1

Real-time investigation of the chemical information of atoms.

Simultaneous with routine imaging, capture an entire force curve for each pixel.

Capture short and longer range, van der Waals and electrostatic, attractive and repulsive interactions.

On every atom of your sample.

FastScan Complete Quantitative Chemical Info v1