Superior Critical Dimension and Depth Metrology

The InSight 3DAFM features a completely new metrology platform containing a new high-precision X-Y stage with improved positioning accuracy, a new pattern recognition system with high-precision laser autofocus capability, and an improved automated tip exchange mechanism. In addition, new AFM control techniques and new probe designs enable improved precision, lower cost per measurement site, and smaller feature measurement.

Key Features

  • Provides reference metrology for crucial CD elements like gate, shallow trench isolation (STI) union dual-damascene structures, sidewall angles, line-edge variation and more
  • Maintains the lowest measurement uncertainty for critical dimension (CD) and sidewall angle (SWA) metrology
  • Delivers 30 wph, 9 sites throughput for Depth metrology and 12 wph, 9 sites throughput for CD metrology
  • Provides Unique, non-destructive, 3D Metrology (LER, LWR, SWA)
  • Offers production-level reliability and state-of-the-art automation for inline productivity
InSight 3DAFM reference metrology.