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Discover New Structural Detail with Highest Resolution Nano IR Chemical Imaging

Simply put, Inspire redefines what’s possible with atomic force microscopy.

  • „„Resolve unseen nanochemical detail on an atomic resolution platform

  • „„Expand your research with the widest range of unique modes

  • „„Experience the quickest, easiest, and safest nano IR characterization

Bruker’s Inspire™ is a nanoscale characterization system that extends atomic force microscopy (AFM) into the chemical regime by providing infrared absorption and reflection imaging based on scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy—the most powerful technique for identifying composition at the nanoscale. For the first time, Inspire makes 10-nanometer spatial resolution nano IR chemical mapping widely available in an easy-to-use, laser-safe package. Inspire instantly correlates nanochemical information with molecular scale electrical and mechanical measurements that are only possible with PeakForce Tapping®.

Graphene Italy image
Graphene plasmonics. Image size 18 μm

In addition to nanoscale absorption and reflection imaging, Inspire also provides monolayer sensitivity and 10-nanometer lateral resolution, routinely, by employing sSNOM. Inspire succeeds where conventional photothermal approaches fail due to lack of sensitivity and low resolution caused by contact mode imaging. Inspire achieves the highest spatial resolution consistently, from resolving even sub-30-nanometer phase separations in block copolymers to detecting monolayers in layered and 2D materials, such as pentacene, boron nitride, and graphene, to interrogating inorganic crystals and many other materials.

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Block copolymerimage
IR absorption (top, 1725 cm-1), and height (bottom) of PS-b-PMMA block copolymer, showing sub-30 nm chemical separation. Image size 500 nm.
Ir reflection pentecene
IR reflection (1900 cm-1) overlaid on height, showing monolayer sensitivity on pentacene. Image size 3.3 μm.
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