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Life Sciences

Nanomechanical Technologies Enabling Life Changing Discoveries

Life science is a broad and rapidly changing field that requires advanced characterization techniques. In the areas of biology, pharmaceuticals, and pathology, new discoveries are made by understanding at the cellular level how tissues/structures behave, why this behavior is present, and how this behavior can be modified. In the areas of medical implants and devices, material deformation behavior, compatibility, and reliability are of critical concern.

Bruker is continually developing new nanomechanical and nanotribological test equipment and techniques to better comprehend yesterday’s problems and advance tomorrow’s technologies. From understanding single cell mechanics and measuring pharmaceutical-induced mechanical property changes to quantifying interfacial adhesion strength of drug eluting coatings and wear characteristics of implants, Bruker has developed test machines to help you to better understand key issues and develop next-generation technologies to solve them.

Nano/Micro Mechanics in Life Sciences

Structural and Cell Biology | Bruker

Structural & Cell Biology

Quantitative measurement of biomechanics on the cellular and tissue levels.

Pharmaceuticals | Bruker


Understanding the localized effects of pharmaceuticals on the mechanical properties of cells/tissues.

Medical Implants and Devices | Bruker

Medical Implants & Devices

Measure mechanical, tribological, and interfacial adhesion properties critical to product reliability.

Biomimetics | Bruker


Discover properties of evolved biological systems to replicate them with man-made structures.

Pathology | Bruker


Understand the mechanisms of disease through mechanical property deterioration on the cellular/tissue level.