Hysitron PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter | Bruker

Standard Testing Modes

surface analysis
Hysitron PI 88 - Nanoindentation | Bruker


Precise lateral positioning and nanoscale load and depth control allow for the quantitative determination of fundamental mechanical properties such as hardness and elastic modulus for a wide variety of materials.


Direct-pull and Push-to-Pull (PTP) testing of dog-bone specimens, thin films, or nanowires allows for the in-situ measurement of stress-strain behavior in low dimensional materials not easily tested by traditional means.

Hysitron PI 88 - Tensile | Bruker
Hysitron PI 88 - Bending | Bruker


Accurate loading alignment and specimen size measurement using SEM imaging enables straightforward bending stiffness and fracture toughness measurements for single-phase, composite, or layered materials.


Pillars, particles, and other small scale structures can be compressed to measure stress-strain behavior and yield properties while observing deformation mechanisms in real time. Proper tip alignment is verified using SEM imaging.

Hysitron PI 88 - Compression | Bruker


surface analysis