Contour CMM

Non-Contact, High-Density Data – In True 3-Dimensional Space

Contour CMM ball measurement v2

Software interface showing measurement of standard 10mm diameter sphere. High Density point cloud enlarged and displayed on right.

Ultimate Surface Resolution - Contour CMM is the direct result of decades of proprietary R&D in interferometric metrology technology. The system utilizes white light interferometry (WLI) based on Bruker's Wyko® optical profiling technology.

3D Optical Profiler and CMM - Contour CMM’s WLI measurement technology provides extremely high vertical and lateral resolution and, when combined with high accuracy stages, allows non-contact nanoscale surface roughness measurements to be taken at known locations in geometric space.

A Metrology Data Continuum – Contour CMM provides a powerful metrology data continuum that enables standard industry measurements of surface roughness through geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) analysis.

Surface Texture and Roughness Data – In True 3-Dimensional Space

3D-Surface Roughness Display - Contour CMM uses a proprietary method to display the surface texture map in real 3D space.

The video shows a 10mm diameter sphere measured and displayed in Vision Dimensions software. The 3D surface texture is shown in brown, the surface roughness map is then applied, and the sphere is shown in pseudocolor to display the local surface roughness on the 3D part.

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Geometric Dimensional Analysis and Inspection Reports

True 3D Data and Analysis - Contour CMM enables capturing of point clouds using interferometric surface data and displays the data points in 3D geometric space.

Capturing Geometric Form and Shape - Contour CMM’s Vision Dimensions software contains a Dimensional Metrology Interface Standard (VisionDMIS) module that allows part programming to control the high-accuracy 5-axis staging system and collect the positional data of the surface measurements.

Form and Shape Analysis – VisionDMIS provides powerful ability to do standard 3D form, shape and size analyses, allowing CAD comparisons and inspection reporting of data.

Precision Machining Applications

Analysis of Precision Machined Parts

Contour CMM is ideal for measuring geometric features in small, precision-machined parts, and with Vision Dimensions software, allows rapid and accurate measurement of critical dimensions of lines, angles, etc.

Additionally, VisionDMIS software creates a part-coordinate system from high-density and accuracy surface measurements. This can be used to perform standard GD&T analysis.

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Medical Applications

Analysis of Orthopedic Implants and Medical Parts

Contour CMM captures point clouds using interferometric surface data, and displays these in 3D geometric space to produce a true part-coordinate system. These can be analyzed with the VisionDMIS module to perform traditional GD&T analysis.

Vision Dimensions software performs critical dimensioning , enabling users to quickly analyze the critical dimensions of a 3D part as well as the roughness parameters on selected areas of that part.

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