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Small R&D-Scale Specialty System for CMP

Polishing Process Control for Process Development and Materials Testing

 The new Bruker CP-4 CMP Process and Material Characterization System has been designed from the ground up specifically for reliable, flexible, and cost effective characterization of wafer polishing processes.

  • Reproduces full-scale wafer polishing-process conditions
  • Provides unmatched measurement repeatability and detail
  • Performs tests on small coupons rather than whole wafers for substantial cost savings

CMP process development for new materials and research into new CMP consumables (pads, slurries, and conditioning disks) are expensive to perform on full-scale production CMP systems. This is due to the combined cost of test wafers, consumables, overhead, depreciation, and lost productivity when running tests instead of production wafers.

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 Bruker’s CP-4 provides the flexibility, control and repeatability to perform studies on coupons cut from larger wafers, resulting in substantial savings. Built on the industry-leading UMT TriboLab™ platform, CP-4 offers higher speeds, more torque, and better force measurement for CMP applications than any of its predecessors or competitors. 

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