M1 MISTRAL, Compact Tabletop µ-XRF Spectrometer

Investigating Repeatability and Stability of Measurements

The performance of an analytical instrument is determined by parameters like repeatability, reproducibility, stability and accuracy. Repeatability is the probability that an analytical result remains the same for repeated measurements in a short period of time. If measured for a long period of time, this property is called stability. Reproducibility is the capability to repeatedly deliver the same result for the same sample but for different users or in different laboratories. Finally, accuracy is the ability to obtain the correct result.

In this application example, various measurements were performed to determine the repeatability and stability of the M1 MISTRAL in dependence of different measurement parameters. The analysis results show, that changes in temperature, excitation intensity or other factors have only very little influence on its repeatability and stability. They are lower than statistical fluctuation, which means that they can be disregarded.

Download the full lab report XRF 432 (PDF)