NEW SkyScan1272 Delivers Performance Beyond Researchers' Imaginations

The SkyScan1272 represents a new generation of microtomographs from Bruker MicroCT. The system uses newly developed cooled 14-bit large format detectors and maintenance-free microfocus X-ray source. It can deliver up to 14450x14450 pixels (209 Megapixel) in every of >2600 slices after a single scan . Detail detectability - 0.35um; maximum object size - 75mm; CPU/GPU multithreaded reconstruction; 6-position automatic filter changer; integrated micropositioning stage, export results to mobiles with volume rendering on iPhone and iPad, etc. An optional 16-position automatic sample changer allows the adding / removing / replacing of samples without interrupting a scanning process. The control software can automatically adjust optimal magnification and individual scanning protocol for every sample from the changer.