D8 QUEST ECO, single crystal X-ray diffraction

ECOfriendly, ECOnomical Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction with ECOperformance

The D8 QUEST ECO is a full-featured research instrument providing complete 3D structures, complementary to NMR and mass spec, enabling not only the full range of service crystallography but also charge density and absolute structure investigations.

The D8 QUEST ECO X-ray chemical crystallography system is capable of high speed data collection in shutterless operation mode ensuring excellent quality of data and unprecedented data acquisition speed.

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The D8 QUEST ECO can be upgraded with a number of other sources and detector options, including the IμS™ microfocus source and PHOTON II detector.

The new ECO line features an innovative design enabling low cost of ownership (ECOnomical) and minimized consumption of resources (ECOlogical), while also delivering best-in-class analytical performance. At the same time, all instruments within the ECO line provide uncompromised ease-of-use and high instrument uptime, with superb instrument quality and warranty coverage.