D8 VENTURE, TXS, KAPPA, single crystal X-ray diffraction

D8 VENTURE with ISX Stage

Automated in situ Crystal Screening – SC-XRD Application Note

D8 VENTURE with ISX Stage

Despite many recent advancements in data collection and processing, it remains a major bottleneck in protein crystallography workflows to obtain diffraction- quality crystals to begin with.

It is common practice to test crystals for diffraction quality only after harvesting, cryo-protecting, and cooling them—all of which may harm the crystal's diffraction quality. Not only is low-temperature crystal screening time-consuming and laborious, it does not allow the researcher to directly ascertain the impact of the these manipulations on the sample's diffraction limits.

At synchrotrons a few years ago, a new method emerged that allows researchers to study crystals' diffraction properties directly in their growth environment— a fast, convenient technique called in situ crystallography. It provides a basis for assessment of potential crystal damage caused by physical manipulation, non-optimal cryo-protection, or dehydration by setting the benchmarks to optimize the strategies for crystal transfer and protection.