D8 VENTURE, TXS, KAPPA, single crystal X-ray diffraction

What’s in those sweetener packages anyways?

Fast screening of organic compounds with the large PHOTON II detector, the bright IμS 3.0 microfocus source and APEX3’s powerful XPRESSO routine - Application Note

Fast screening of organic coumpounds

This application note demonstrates fast screening of several crystals from a natural sweetener packet. The very intense IμS 3.0 microfocus source and the large PHOTON II allow collecting complete data to about 1 Å in 3 min.

These fast data sets all processed using the APEX3 software suite allow comprehensive quality assessments as well as preliminary structure determinations.

How Sweet is Sweet?
Times have certainly changed. Years ago, there were only three choices for sweetening your tea or coffee: white sugar, brown sugar, or honey. Today, with all the attention on calorie, sugar, and carbohydrate intake, many people do not even consider those traditional sweeteners anymore.