D8 VENTURE, TXS, KAPPA, single crystal X-ray diffraction

When one crystal is not enough

Better Completeness with Multiple-Crystal High-Pressure Experiments - Application Note

Twins in DAC

This Application Note explores a method for increasing the completeness of high-pressure experiments by mounting multiple samples in a Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) and measuring and processing data concurrently. Two small olivine crystals were investigated: first independently, and then in a multiple-crystal DAC experiment. These experiments were then compared.

One of the challenges of high-pressure experiments is the limited accessibility of reciprocal space caused by geometrical limitations. The vises, backing plates, and gaskets used with DACs restrict accessibility to about 30% of the reflections in a triclinic sphere. Especially for lower-symmetry samples, the smaller number of reflections available for structure refinement can reduce the structure quality and require restraints or even constraints.

Recent enhancements in hardware and software design have brought dramatic improvements in data acquisition and data processing quality both for high-pressure and multiple-domainsample experiments.