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XFlash® LE SDD Detector

XFlash LE SDD Detector, XRD
XFlash LE SDD Detector

The XFlash® LE detector further expands the application range of Benchtop-EDXRF systems such as the S2 RANGER. Due to the ultrathin high transmission entrance window the XFlash® LE SDD with 50 W excitation power eliminates conventional limitations of EDXRF systems and significantly enhances the sensitivity for light elements, such as sodium and magnesium. The special chip design with integrated charge amplifier the XFlash® can process extremely high count rates and at the same time displays a very good energy resolution, unrivalled by any other energy dispersive X-ray detector.

The XFlash® LE offers unique analytical performance making it the best in class solution for EDXRF

  • Eight times more sensitivity for Sodium
  • Four times more sensitivity for Magnesium
  • Best in class peak to background ratio
  • Excellent energy resolution
  • Extremely high pulse load capacity
  • No elaborate, vibration-generating cooling systems
  • Low operating cost
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Small dimensions
  • Low weight