D8 DISCOVER Plus, X-ray diffraction

Rapid Reciprocal Space Mapping on Thin Films

D8 DISCOVER Plus Rapid Reciprocal Space Mapping Application Report

The structural properties of epitaxial multilayer coatings are of paramount importance for the functionality of devices in semiconductors, optoelectronics, ferroelectrics and spintronics. Reciprocal Space Mapping (RSM) with XRD has become the de facto technique to characterize the structure of thin crystalline layers due to its ability to non-destructively measure both perpendicular and lateral strain, composition and domain effects.

Typically, RSMs require a series of scans that allow the substrate and film diffraction intensity to be mapped in a shared planar slice of reciprocal space, a time consuming process which takes hours due to goniometric positioning.

In this report, the benefits of using the D8 DISCOVER Plus, equipped with the ATLAS™ goniometer and the high-efficiency turbo X-ray source (TXS-HE), for RapidRSM™, a technology that enables the measurement of Reciprocal Space Maps (RSM) in the shortest possible time, are presented.

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