D8 DISCOVER Plus, X-ray diffraction

High-Resolution Powder Diffraction for Lattice-Distortion and Micro-Structure Analysis

D8 DISCOVER Plus High-Resolution Powder Diffraction Application Report

High intensity, parallel beam geometry in reflection mode is useful for measuring samples with uneven surfaces or sample height displacements (e.g. non-ambient or sample preparation induced) which can shift diffraction patterns to high or to low angles when using focusing geometry.

The parallel-beam geometry is insensitive to sample height displacement and therefore perfect to accurately determine lattice parameters from peak positions. This is a prerequisite for the accurate study of lattice distortions in crystalline materials.

In this report, the benefits of using the D8 DISCOVER Plus, equipped with the ATLAS™ goniometer and the high-efficiency turbo X-ray source (TXS-HE), for the collection of high resolution powder diffraction data with monochromatic Kα1 radiation to resolve extremely small lattice distortions are presented.

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