D8 DISCOVER, X-ray diffraction


Perfection from focus to sample

D8 DISCOVER with IµS source and Montel optic
  • The microfocus X-ray (IµS) source is fully integrated into the DAVINCI design of the D8 family
  • Different MONTEL optics are available to optimize the beam shape and divergence to the user requirements
  • Dedicated optics ensure optimal beam properties at the sample
  • Full compatibility with our large choice of components, optics and detectors

Brilliant teamwork

  • The microfocus X-ray (IµS) source boosts the intensity on small spots with ultra low power consumption of only a few tens of Watts
  • Ideal electron focusing combined with efficient cooling eliminates the need for water cooling
  • Anode materials: Mo, Cu, Co, Cr, others on request

Best optics for best beam properties

Beam Properties
  • Designed to work specifically with the IµS source for maximum photon coupling
  • Available with a large range of beam sizes ranging from <100 um to >2.5 mm and divergences from <0.5 mrad to >5mrad
  • Very clean spectrum due to twofold monochromatization (double-bounce optics)
  • Custom designed high stability evacuated optic housing places the optic very close to the source for maximum photon capture

Snap Collimation - Always at the right spot

  • UBC collimators allow further adjustments of the beam size and dramatic reduction in background due to air scatter
  • Magnetic fixing for reproducible, tool less exchange
  • Diameter ranging from 50 μm to 2 mm
Magnetic fixturing