Top-speed SAXS/WAXS at a Table-Top

Protein Shape Model, XRD
Protein Shape Model

The MICROTM Series combines top-notch X-ray technologies with the famous Kratky camera design. The result is an outstanding bench-top system that brings synchrotron performance to the lab.

The air-cooled microfocus X-ray source combined with the latest MONTEL optics provides an extremely high flux density, outperforming standard rotating anode systems. The compact Kratky design excels with a tremendous resolution up to 2000 Å.

MICRO Series – Key Features

  • Table-top design
  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Extreme flux at low cost of ownership

MICRO Series – Application Fields

  • Food and Drug R&D, QC
  • Biomedical Research
  • Nanomaterials