Calorimeter, X-ray diffraction


Where Nanotechnology meets Calorimetry

MICROcalix Test, XRD
SAXS and Calorimeter Results

The unique MICROcalix laboratory system integrates advanced Kratky SAXS/WAXS with ultra-sensitive calorimetry into a single bench-top system. The advanced Kratky design includes the latest X-ray technologies, and enables detecting nanostructural changes in real-time. The ultra-sensitive calorimeter measures the enthalpy of even the smallest phase transition in a temperature range from -25°C to +200°C.

The combination of both complementary methods opens new perspectives for understanding material properties, in particular of biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds. In addition, simultaneous data acquisition eliminates any uncertainty or error that previously could originate from different experimental sample environments.

MICROcalix – Highlights

  • New and Unique – Combining SAXS/WAXS with microcalorimetry
  • Precise and Powerful – Highest calorimetric sensitivity
  • Fast and reliable – One tool – two methods

MICROcalix – Markets

  • Drug discovery
  • Food analytics
  • Nanomaterials