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Keep your DIFFRAC.DQUANT current

Free Maintenance Update

The free DIFFRAC.DQUANT Maintenance Update renews your DQUANT version to the most recent release. Regardless of your DQUANT version, you can always download the latest Maintenance Update from, free-of-charge!


By keeping your DIFFRAC.DQUANT current, you will benefit from all bugfixes made for the current but also all previously released versions. DIFFRAC.DQUANT Maintenance Updates are cumulative and can therefore be applied to any previous version.


The current version of the software is DIFFRAC.DQUANT V1.5.

What are Updates?

DIFFRAC.DQUANT Maintenance Updates do not come with new features. If you want to benefit from features introduced in new major releases you need to purchase the latest DIFFRAC.DQUANT upgrade.

Download process

  • Register at Bruker Customer Support
  • Click on the "Software" button
  • Search for the DIFFRAC.DQUANT Maintenance Update
  • Download the update