S2 PUMA, elemental analysis

Analysis of High- and Low-Si Aluminum

XRF Lab Report - S2 PUMA

S2 PUMA XRF 125 Lab Report

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals worldwide because of its sought after properties. It has a low specific weight, it is corrosion resistant, and has a high conductivity and hence is used in transportation, packaging, and for high-voltage power lines.


Alloying aluminum with other metals such as silicon or magnesium is necessary for the reduction of melting temperatures and for heat-treatability to yield higher strengths. Although the metal usually is used alloyed, some impurities are undesired. Particularly iron is a troublesome addition, because of the formation of its intermediate phases during cooling which reduce ductility and machinability of the material.


Iron contamination becomes even more significant for recycled aluminum because this process is often a down-cycling.