S2 PUMA, elemental analysis

Analysis of Pt-containing Catalytic Converters with the S2 PUMA

XRF Lab Report - S2 PUMA

S2 PUMA XRF 127 Lab Report

Stricter environmental laws and an increasing usage of automobiles around the world trigger a growing usage of catalytic converters. Furthermore, climbing market prices for platinum group elements (PGE) vital for catalytic converters make their recycling mandatory.


The price for platinum (see Figure 1), one of the most important elements in catalytic converters, is up despite increasing production! No wonder that the total value of PGEs extracted from used catalytic converters during recycling processes was $3 billion in 2010.


However, this highly profitable industry relies on reliable elemental analysis, as different types of catalytic converters contain highly differing amounts of these precious metals. This lab report demonstrates the ability of the S2 PUMA to analyze the PGEs Pt, Pd, and Rh and other present elements to monitor their content for quality control in recycling and re-manufacturing processes of catalytic converters.