S2 PUMA, elemental analysis

Accurate and Flexible Analysis of Iron Ore as Fused Beads by EDXRF

XRF Lab Report - S2 PUMA

S2 PUMA XRF 129 Lab Report

Iron ore is one of the most important commodities on Earth due to its high demand in the steel industry. However, some of the components in iron ore can interfere with the production process or have a negative impact on the final product. Therefore monitoring the chemical composition of iron ore is not only important for the control of the mining process but also to optimize the feeding process of melting furnaces during steel production.


A number of elements must be monitored in iron ore samples. Beside the major element Fe, other elements of interest are Si, Al, Ti, Ca, Mg, Mn, K, S, and P. Even though some of these elements are only present in low concentrations, they have a significant impact on the steel manufacturing process and the final steel quality.


All these major and minor elements can be analyzed using the S2 PUMA energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer. This instrument offers a straight forward but accurate means of controlling both the mining process and any subsequent manufacturing process. This lab report shows the performance of this instrument for the analysis of iron ore samples, prepared as fused beads.