Full Control over Coating Processes with Micro-XRF

Our XSpect Pro / XData software package supports coating analysis with the M1 ORA, M1 MISTRAL and  M4 TORNADO. Complex layer systems as well as single layers can be analyzed with this easy-to-use software. Layer thicknesses can range from below 1 nm to several dozens of µm, depending on layer composition. A layer may consist of up to 25 elements. Applications are

  • Coatings for metal finishing (corrosion protection, chromium plating), e.g. of valves, accessories and automotive parts
  • Functional coatings, e.g. of electric contacts, active catalyst layers and microelectronics
  • Decorative layers, e.g. of jewelry and consumer goods

Fundamental Parameter quantification model for accurate results

XSpect Pro's Fundamental Parameter (FP) model is used for coating quantification. This supports the wide range of different applications, as listed above. The FP model

  • Delivers quantitative results on both layer composition and thickness
  • Can be used for standardless and standard-based analysis
  • Allows to analyze even most complex layer systems with up to 12 layers with 25 elements each

Powerful analytical software for fast and easy measurement

The instrument software for the analysis of layers has been further extended. It features

  • Click & Go exact sample positioning supported by a high resolution CCD camera and auto focus (motorized stage)
  • Easy-load functionality and stage program
  • Easy selection of layer system to be analyzed and creation of suitable measurement methods
  • Archive data backup and processing
  • User customized standards database
  • User customizable report templates
  • Easy data export to MS Excel®

More info

Layer Analysis Brochure (PDF)

M1 ORA Flyer (PDF)

M1 MISTRAL Brochure (PDF)

M4 TORNADO Brochure (PDF)